How Are Wild Animals Getting Into Your Home or Workplace?

We'll pinpoint the source when providing wildlife control in Highlands Ranch & Littleton, CO

Squirrels can squeeze through roof vents, and raccoons can climb down chimneys. Affordable Pest Services will find out how pests are getting into your property and seal off these entry points. You'll appreciate our thorough wildlife control services in Highlands Ranch & Littleton, CO.

Are critters destroying your garden or landscaping features? We can find a pest control solution that fits your budget. Contact us today at (303) 435-9766 to learn more.

Never handle wild animals

Never handle wild animals

Raccoons can carry disease and are known to attack people when cornered. Instead of attempting DIY raccoon removal, call Affordable Pest Services to remove the family of raccoons in your attic or walls.

You'll love working with us because...

  • We've got over 25 years of raccoon removal experience.
  • We're licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
  • We offer affordable services and military and senior citizen discounts.

Contact us today for wildlife control services in the Highlands Ranch or Littleton, CO area.

*We do not work with the following wildlife;

  • Skunks
  • Prairie Dogs