What Happens If You Let Rodents Run Rampant?

What Happens If You Let Rodents Run Rampant?

Prevent the worst-case scenario with rodent control in Highlands Ranch, CO

A rodent infestation is, at best, an inconvenience to homeowners and business owners. If left alone, rodents could spark an electrical fire or spread disease. Don't let this happen on your property- schedule rodent control services today.

Our team in Highlands Ranch, CO uses a specialized rat extermination process that makes it easier than ever to rid your building of mice and rats. When you hire us, we'll:

  • Inspect your property to locate the entry points the rodents are using to enter your home or office
  • Install traps and other deterrents to capture and kill any rodents hiding in your building
  • Remove dead rodents and recheck your property to ensure the issue has been resolved
  • Seal up the entry points the rodents used to avoid future infestations

No matter how big or small the issue might be, you can trust our rodent control pros in Highlands Ranch, CO to have your property mouse- and rat-free ASAP.

Common problems caused by rodents

Affordable Pest Services can use poison or snap traps to control your rodent infestation. Once we're finished, you won't find rodents...

  • Gnawing through your electrical wiring
  • Nesting in your insulation or stinking up your attic
  • Eating your pet's food or chewing through your food containers
  • Contaminating your food, linens or clothing with urine or droppings

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Are there rodents in your building?

Rodents are a common issue for property owners in Highlands Ranch, CO. Our rodent exterminator recommends checking your home or building regularly to make sure mice and rats haven't crept into your building. Rodents often make their way into your home or office through:

  • Corners in your garage
  • Holes in your building's foundation
  • Access points for your HVAC system or gas line

If mice and rats are sneaking in via these common entry points, don't stress- we can help you seal them off so that rodents can't get in.

Contact Affordable Pest Services today to arrange for professional rodent control services.